How I work

September 14, 2015

One of my favourite ways of connecting with a client is through tarot cards. I work with tarot intuitively, rather than in a traditional way, I will explain a little more about that below. I work with the Tarot of the Cat People Deck. It is the first and only tarot deck that I use as I have a great connection to them.

I like to use a standard 3-card spread for short readings and a Celtic cross for longer readings. I have a couple of home-made spreads for looking at people connected to you within the reading as well.

I mainly connect to the tarot intuitively, so the normal meanings of cards may not apply. I let the images tell me what I need to know. Often a card in one reading can be extremely positive, while in another not so great. In other readings it can point out specific mundane details such as hair health (surprisingly common) or a particular liking for eggs! They also show me personality traits and can give a clue to time lines.

I discovered the Tarot of the Cat People deck in a Borders book shop when I was approaching 17 years old. The Emperor was on the front of the pack and really stood out to me. I didn’t know that they were tarot cards and at the time I distinctly remember not being able to afford them for a few weeks. But I kept on returning to the shop to look at the box because I so drawn to them and beautiful art work. When I eventually purchased them I did not know what to do with them so would just look at them for ages. I started reading tarot shortly after, but lost the book with all the meanings and read them intuitively. It was only in 2012 that really became confident in my tarot reading abilities, after a fellow tarot reader said how impressed she was.

Another way I like to use my cards is to see how a particular situation will unfold, much like a story. By simply placing the cards one after another I can be shown situations that are related to your question that are to come, people or triggers associated with it, how other people will react and so much more. The tarot is really a fascinating multi-faceted tool.

While I love all the cards, apart from maybe the 3 and 10 of sword they rarely fill me with delight, The Star, shown above, often puts a smile on my face.