Being Spiritual in today’s society

September 25, 2015

What does it mean to be a spiritual person in this day and age!
Whenever I meet people or tell acquaintances that I am a spiritual person I often get raised eye brows… then the jokes and when I don’t bite…. the questions. And there are so many questions. Because I am not your typical spiritual person (whatever that means). I don’t ‘act’ or ‘look’ like a psychic, voodoo witchdoctor or a witch. I don’t smell weird (seriously, I get that more often than you think). Because I do ‘normal work’ and don’t aspire to live in a treehouse. Because I am smart and well educated and know that the two do not always go hand in hand. I am an ambitious, driven, successful individual. I like rum and get hangovers like everyone else (only when I mix with wine… evil) . I am obsessed with the size of my butt like most women, although I want mine to be bigger ;). I just happen to be spiritual. So, they ask me, how could I be spiritual in this day and age? With all the scientific information around, what benefit does it have for the modern person?

Spirituality to me is about self awareness and self mastery. It is not about superstition (although I hail from such a background) or the airy fairy mumbo jumbo that is typically associated with it. It is not about achieving that forever happy harmonious life that you see in fairytales where there are no bad times. That doesn’t exist. No, I believe pain and bad times are useful. They teach you things about yourself, should you choose to learn. Being spiritual now is about striving to be your best self. This, however, does not mean that you reject the parts of you do not like. It is about embracing your best qualities as well those butt ugly qualities that you wish were not apart of you (anyone want to admit they hold a grudge….).

In essence I am apart of a growing path of spirituality. I am not a hippy. This woman has to pay bills like the rest of them and I am striving for that fulfilling career. In fact, I am building my career as I write this. In most aspects I am a typical individual. What makes me different is my spirituality and, therefore, my self awareness. To be spiritual is to be self aware, to be self aware you will no doubt be in tune with your intuition, your inner voice, gut feeling or whatever you choose to call it. And if you are in-tune with your intuition and want to use spirituality to your benefit you have to trust it and therefore trust yourself. Being spiritual now in this day and ages is first and foremost about your trust in yourself.

So I ask you the question. Do you trust yourself? It is easy to say yes of course I do. But when you come across an idea for a product, service, book and you have no real experience, knowledge or credibility behind do you trust yourself to go through with it anyway? Or when you have an urge to take a different route to work do you trust you instinct enough to just go for it? Or when your boundaries get crossed by someone you care about for the millioneth time and you find yourself holding back what you truly feel – do you trust yourself to deliver your true feelings for your greater good?

Being spiritual now is about self awareness and self mastery and in-order to do that you must learn to trust your inner guidance and yourself. Assign yourself the task to trust that inner guidance and to trust yourself – who knows where it will lead you – that fateful connection, a fantastic business opportunity or to biscuit section of Sainsbury’s. 🙂 Xxx

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