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September 13, 2015

Hello there, I am Delia Lewis, clairvoyant tarot reader and intuitive life coach and welcome to my blog.

Here you will find daily updates offering spiritual guidance, advice and positivity.

I will be covering topics such as romance and careers as well self development and everything in between, all of which will give practical and effective ways of incorporating spirituality into your life.

The aim of my blog is by sharing with you the spiritual practices that have become essential to me in my life, I can help you to live the life that you truly want and deserve as well as becoming the best version of yourself.

Feel free to bookmark this website and keep visiting for new articles soon 🙂

A Short History:

I come from a spiritually aware family, although there are not practicing. Strong intuition runs on both my mum and my dad’s side. While I was not aware of my intuition until my late twenties, I can recall many occasions when I would make up my mind about people because of a ‘feeling’, or be in the right place at the right time far too often! My mum recalled a number of occasions when I would ‘pass messages on’ to people, seemingly from no where that I could not have possibly known. While I have always been curious about spirituality, it is my interest in people and humanity that has brought me into this field.

I was introduced to tarot as a teenager after stumbling across a beautiful tarot deck in a book shop. You can read more about that and how I work here (link to the tarot page). I began to fully embrace my spirituality and use it help others when I was 27 years old, after doing a reading for a friend and fellow reader. The rest as they say is history.

My trust in my intuition has steered me into interesting directions in life, including gaining a place at Oxford University, a successful dancing career for which I won an award, producing a book and even directing a touring show. It is my aim to share my spirituality with other, so that can live the life they truly want and be the best version of themselves.


I believe that everyone deserves the chance to live the life they truly want and to be the best versions of themselves… Especially if they are willing to do the inner work to overcome their obstacles. It is my mission to help you get there.

My readings are to give you clarity and direction and for you to feel empowered and uplifted.

On a deeper level and through my life coaching I want to help you get passed the superficial details and get to know yourself. When you understand yourself better, including the pitfalls and benefits of your shadow, you can really learn to see your true value and know that you deserve to live the life you truly want and be the person you want to be.


Quality service and Clarity

My regular clients will tell you that the information I give is detailed and specific. I am honest with what I see and deliver the information with compassion and understanding. After your time with me, whether a reading, psychic development or life coaching session, you will always have clarity about your current situation and what you need to do going forward.

Compassion and reassurance

In addition to the detailed insight of my readings, you will enjoy the compassionate and reassuring nature of my service. While you may not always like what you hear, you can be sure that it is delivered in an emotionally sensitive way and I will give you reassurance so that you can deal with life hurdles with confidence. More than likely you will uplifted and empowered.

Encouraging empowerment and self-mastery

It is my mission for you to feel more empowered to live the life you want and it be the best version of your self,. Along with the concept of working with light and shadow sides of ourselves, I hope for you to gain self-mastery through a more complete understanding of yourself so that you can be fully responsible for your life, emotions and destiny, so that you can not become disempowered.

Practical spirituality

When working on your self-development, I aim to give you ways to incorporate spiritual practices that are both enriching and practical for your way of life.

Without judgement

I provide a compassionate service, which is without judgement or prejudice.


And most importantly, rest assured that all my services are confidential.

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